One of my top priorities both in and out of political office is climate change. California is responsible for approximately 1 percent of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions and, thus, needs to address the problem of climate change with a global perspective.  When I was a scientist for NASA, I supervised one of NASA’s first studies on climate change, named the Goddard Institute Climate Model.  At NASA, I realized how important it is for people and governments at all levels to think globally when it comes to preserving our environment and looking for newer, cleaner sources of energy.  

As Chair of the Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, and Chair of the Select Committee on California’s Clean Energy Economy, I am committed to creating legislation that protects our food and our environment, and forges a future for a Clean California by 2050. Demonstrating effective climate change policy can increase the likelihood that other states and countries will follow California’s lead, which is necessary for the state to have a significant effect on the global climate change problem.  It is in the best interest of the state and our communities to ensure that greenhouse gas reduction goals are set and met.