Homelessness & Affordable Housing

I’ve helped secure $1 billion to help cities reduce homelessness across the state. We need to pursue new strategies to create affordable housing.

The lack of housing, and the lack of affordable housing, is affecting every corner of our state.  Unfortunately Assembly District 20 is not immune. This is the defining issue of our time. The root of the problem is that we are simply not building enough housing. Families are having to move further and further away from their places of employment, adding a different, but equally important, problem and strain to many families. 

On a local level, I was a proud supporter of the Measure A1 bond approved overwhelmingly by Alameda County voters in 2016 that raised almost a billion dollars for affordable housing in Alameda County. I also protected funding for a Habitat for Humanity housing project in Hayward.

Since you elected me as your Assemblymember I have voted to:

  • Prohibit landlords from discriminating against tenants who rely upon housing assistance paid directly to landlords, such as Section 8 vouchers.
  • Facilitate the permitting and approval of accessory dwelling units.
  • Place a cap on how much landlords can increase rent
  • Limit “just cause” eviction.
  • Create a permanent state funded source for the building of affordable housing.
  • Deliver over a billion dollars to help cities reduce their homeless population.
  • Penalize jurisdictions not complying with the state’s housing elements.

There is still more to be done.

I will continue to be an advocate for housing, our tenants, and our homeless population to get people off the streets and into housing. I will do this by making it easier to build more housing, removing the red tape that adds costs to housing construction projects, and finding ways to further stabilize rent.